It’s actually really easy to get a girlfriend. Make sure you are looking in good places and you are looking actively.

I will shortly describe 4 ways you can get a girlfriend or boyfriend, their pros, and cons. More or less but all of them will need some of your work and effort. Remember, good things don’t come easy. Take a look at dating advice below.

Online dating sites and apps

People used to believe it was shaming to use or that only low-value people use them etc. Fortunately, times have changed. Online dating is a reply to omnipresent hustle. People don’t have time to meet in a traditional way and you can find great, kind, attractive people there. It’s a tool and we will teach you how to use it properly.

It’s obviously one of the easiest ways to get a girlfriend as it doesn’t require huge amounts of courage from you. Starting conversation online is incomparably easier than stopping a girl on a street. It’s good to start and gain some experience but you have to learn how to do it first. Many guys install tinder, upload some random photos and get disappointed with almost no results. Tinder is like a game and this is how you should treat it. It needs time, experience and skills. On StrongerPicture you can find complex knowledge about taking photos, creating a profile and interacting with girls online but broken down into comprehensive pieces. In our eBook, we put all the knowledge from psychologic bases, through texting and inviting for a date, to how the actual date should look like. Start with tests and free content on our blog.

Social circles

The most common way. Most of the people match through the social circles. University, workplace, friends of friends. Seems to be the most popular but may not be the easiest one. Usually, people have a lot of time to get to know each other as they have to spend together next weeks, months, years. On the other hand, it means that If you try and fail, you will still have to handle an awkward situation for a long period of time. You should try though. It’s better to try and get rejected than live knowing you like someone and have no courage to ask her out.

Nightclubs / bars

Another well-known method but from my own experience, I know how it looks in most cases. Now when I go out completely sober and enjoy meeting women as they are, I can finally see how people behave there. Guys start approaching girls when they are drunk enough to do it.  Fun fact. High value, moderately sober girl will not engage in interaction with a drunkie but they are there to have fun and maybe meet someone valuable. Be that guy. Don’t get wasted whenever you go out and talk to them. Even let yourself be boring at the beginning. Everything comes with experience. Learn how to talk to them, dance with them and have fun relatively sober.

Streets / shops / public places

My favorite. The most terrifying and the most satisfying. It so rare, girls are impressed that you were able to do it. As long as you are not acting as a creep of course. I could speak ages about this one but it’s only for the toughest. E-mail or message on Facebook if you would like to know more about the topic.

To get the best results you have to combine all of them but every single one is effective as well (If you do it wisely).

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How to get a girlfriend not only on tinder
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How to get a girlfriend not only on tinder
There are many opportunities to meet the person we want to be with. The biggest problem is we are not open to this opportunities. Find out where and how you can get a girl.
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