Pictures are the most important part of your profile. Find out why you need someone else to judge them.

Your mind tricks you!

No matter how hard you try, you cannot judge yourself objectively. We already wrote why you can’t trust mirrors,  now take a look at other factors which influence your opinion.

Our face is not symmetrical

It does matter which side of your face you expose to the camera. Frequently differences are small enough not to notice in normal life. The fact is that those differences exist and usually, the more symmetrical the face is, the more attractive it is. I recommend you to take one of your photos where you look straight into the camera, cut it in half and create two pictures made of one half of your face and mirror image of the same half. You may ask others for an opinion, but you will probably recognize which half of you is prettier. Take a look at the example below.

You have probably seen Natalie Dormer before. This is a compilation of left symmetry (left photo), original picture (center photo), and right symmetry (right photo).


What you find attractive, may have a different value for other people. People post pictures on their social media expecting a certain reaction, but the result is often the opposite. You should think of the goal beforehand, find your target group and choose the proper site/app for a particular message that you want to send. You want to show the world how much of a great party you had last night so you post a picture of you and your friends when you were drunk. It’s ok to post it on Facebook but remember to restrict it. Family, teachers or even future employers could have access to most of your stories, pictures, and posts.

We see ourselves more attractive than we really are

This happens very often. Relevant psychological studies say that we like things more if we know them better. We are used to ourselves and our imperfections, but what is worse, is that our friends frequently give us false opinions because they like us. This seems to be natural as they want to be kind to you but in reality, it does more harm than good.

Try to think of a girl who posts a lot of selfies even though she can be regarded as not particularly physically attractive. If the main object of the picture is her face, and there is no interesting background, it means she finds her face attractive and wants to show it off.

Another example may be one of your male friends who recently started going to the gym, or suddenly discovered he can see a bit of muscle on his chest or arms. It’s easy to find a picture where someone below average or even worse in terms of being fit, is flexing his muscles with pride (examples below).

You don’t have to be beautiful and have an athletic body. Common sense, a bit of style and StrongerPicture tests are enough to make sure you are not one of those people. This eBook teaches how to avoid this kind of mistakes and shows how to get an unbiased opinion.

A man at front of the mirror, ugly girl

Do not over analyze your pictures

This is the opposite situation to the one described previously. Sometimes we discard a really nice picture only because we can see one annoying detail. A little bit of belly, a pimple, not a perfect hairstyle, one leg looks fat, biceps seem to be small and so on. In most cases, these are tiny things people do not notice at all. If you can, fix them in an editing program for your own comfort, but it’s adequate enough to simply ask someone else for an opinion. Probably the picture is generally good and you shouldn’t be keeping it for yourself only.

We are different and we like different things

Very obvious, but very important at the same time. People are different and they like different things. StrongerPicture is trying to show not only what people like in general, but what makes pictures better in a certain context.

To get great results, find your own target group and adjust your profile to them. Let’s say you run Instagram profile about dogs. Skills you’ve learned allow you to take a beautiful picture of any landscape or a perfect close up shot of a Doberman. They are both high-quality photos, but should you post both of them? You may think that posting a picture of you doing extreme sports on Facebook will make you look cooler. Probably yes, but remember there are people who will find it irresponsible as well. You want to post a picture of your new, stylish and colorful outfit, matched with your fancy hairstyle on your Tinder profile? It’s probably a good idea but some girls may see it as not very masculine. Be polarizing, focus only on the group of people you get along with and don’t be afraid to lose the others.


Armed with this knowledge you can judge yourself more accurately but it will never replace ubiased feedback from real people. Create a test and find your best picture.


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Why can't you trust your own opinion? Your mind tricks you!
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Why can't you trust your own opinion? Your mind tricks you!
Pictures are the most important part of your profile. Find out why you need someone else to judge them.
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